Artichokes and Pink Martini

If you like artichokes, Pink Martini, knitting, then read on. If you are interested in the woes of losing the last 20 lbs or working in education, then read on. If you want to know what it's like to be an empty nester or to share that nest with to two dogs, then read on. If you want to know what the theme is for Monday night dinner, when the kayaks are going out, or who was at the Y at 5am, then read on. If none of this interests you, just hit the button that says "next blog", & read on.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Arrivederci Tacoma!

You can whine all you want that I haven't updated my blog, but as of 6:45 pm tonight, I am on a plane bound for Florence.

So you can all expect the next update with ooooooodles of pictures around April 13th when I return (maybe the 14th or 15th). Leaving the laptop & cellphone at home, just going to enjoy biking around Tuscany!



As I was getting things ready for dinner this afternoon, there was a knock at my door. I could tell the person was holding a big bouquet of flowers. When I opened the door he said, "Happy Birthday". Wrong. He noticed the sign on the house, but I had to explain that it was for my house's birthday. Look of confusion. But I said the flowers must be for someone else. He said, "Sandy?" Ok, I'll take them if you insist. Aren't they the most beautiful flowers you have ever seen?

Still confused I opened the card. Then the tears just started running down my face.

I may be going to Italy on Thursday to bicycle around Tuscany, but truth be told .... no matter how magical and wonderful this trip will be, it won't be as fabulous as spending time, just hanging out with Katie. Ti amo, Katie. Molto Grazie!!!!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Happy Bday 1014 N 5TH!

Happy Birthday 1014 N 5th! 100 years old never looked better!

It was a full house with Happy Miss Tiffany (Derek must be driving his Papa crazy). And Railene who we don't see enough is demonstrating to Kim how to chug wine with her eyes closed. You go Railene!!!!!

LIsa (my personal torturer at the YMCA), Marilyn (I want that green jacket!) and Scott (expert film producer and dogsitter) are enjoying each other's company and the beverages!

Returning to the scene of the crime is Doug. 1014 N 5th wouldn't be the house that it is without him. All I wanted was the removal of some terrible accoustical tile ceilings. After 20 minutes of conversation with Doug it was clear that the whole house needed a remodel. Doug made sure that I had the right people doing the right things & viola': fabulous house!

Paul and Susan are in deep discussion. What they are talking about, who knows? But they are always fun to watch.

Jason and Chase are trying to compete for the cutest boy in town. Derek gives Chase some serious competition. But Jason, sorry to tell you, your ship has sailed. It is all about the younger generation these days. If you are over the age of 3, you don't even have a chance. But I am sure that your wife still likes you just the way you are :o)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Snow melts in Iowa???

March 27th, officially Spring, almost April. The snow may be melting in Iowa, but this is a picture of my front yard. Tacoma, Washington! It's not supposed to be like this.

Look at the house as the snow starts to stick. And I am driving away, on my way to work. That's just wrong. Maybe not a full out snow day, but a light dusting in March should at least count for a 2 hour late start. No such luck!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Monday

When I think of Easter, I think eggs. When I think eggs, I think breakfast. When I think breakfast & Monday night I know that we will have a good crowd & yummy food.

The best part of the night was that Katie came up to visit! Yeah! She hasn't been back to Tacoma since last August & Tacoma really misses her. As you can see, Jenn is getting bigger & bigger & pushing poor Katie out of the picture.

Katie got some time to catch up with her Tacoma Man, Mr. Derek. He has changed a lot since she last saw him, getting big and talking her ear off.

Then there is her fabulous cousin Paul. Its good to see family. Even if is Paul (just kidding).

Oops, now here is a guest that got put in time out by Derek. It's the Easter Duck, but Derek will tell you that the duck was "Too Loud". Well Mister Duck we'll try again next year. Maybe you will behave better then.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Paddy's

Let the games begin!!!! Eve, Eli, Dylan and Sophia have things in the den hoppin'! Truth be told, they were mild compared to their parents on this night where everyone is Irish!

We had a full table, must be the promise of green food and green beer. Green brings out the best in just about everybody!

This was Josephine & her husband Dave's first visit to Monday night. Here she is demonstrating the correct way to partake of the legendary Irish car bomb. Good work Josie!!!! I think she will fit in just fine with the Monday night crew.

Poor Mitch is not much of a Irish car bomb connoisseur. He tried to sip it, which is not recommended. Luckily, it was Kathryn to the rescue and she put the second half away in record time. I wish I had gotten a picture of Dave and Mark going head to head with theirs, but they were too quick to be captured on film. It was definitely a St. Patrick's Day to make St. Patrick himself very proud!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Easy Riders!

For the second Sunday morning in a row, Chris and I are on our bikes and riding out to Sumner. For those of you who aren't locals, that's about a 30 mile round trip ride. Just a few hills, not too bad.

Here is my coach Chris lounging in the big leather chair at the Beyond the Bridge Cafe of Sumner. He's chatting on the phone to our friend Tracy who used to do this ride with Chris. But now Tracy is a resident of Louisville, Ky and he's not riding his bike since there is snow on the ground. Whimp!

It takes a lot of work to coach me on these long rides. Chris has to constantly look over his shoulder and make sure that I am still there. I'm usually right there, and sometimes I am waaaay off in the distance.

But as you can see, no matter how far I fall behind, I am really easy to spot.