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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Take Me Out To The Ballgame!

True confessions, it's probably been 3 years since I have been to a baseball game. So when Paul called me last night with an extra ticket to a suite at the Mariners game, it didn't take me long to say yes!

It was one of those beautiful, warm, sunny, blue sky kinda summer days in Seattle. A perfect baseball day. Of course on those days there are a lot of outdoor options for Seattlites. As you can see, the battle of the bottom dwellers of the American League didn't fill up the Stadium.

But those stats didn't keep Eve from her hot dog. Summer, baseball, hot dogs, Eve has her priorities straight. She was also very helpful with explaining the game to me. She knew exactly what the Mariners were supposed to do, unfortunately, the Mariners didn't have that clear of a picture. I kept telling Eve she needed to head down to the field and tell them what to do.

Doesn't matter where the Mariners are in the standings because there is always Ichiro. You can always tell when he is up to bat or a ball heads out to Right Field, there is excitement in the stadium wondering what he might do.

This was Paul's first visit to Safeco Field. Not the big Mariner fan that his younger brother Dave used to be, but Kate is getting him into the spirit. You can't resist the power of the Foam Finger!!!

Ouch! Did the Mariner Moose just land on his head???? He must have looked at the scoreboard. Yikes! Big Ouch! (Final score Indians 6 Mariners 2).

Yeah, it's the SOTA music video team. Ouch, it looks like Kate just saw the scoreboard too. Hey Mary Boone up in the back row, wave at Iowa!!!!!


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