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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Glacier Bay

When we booked this cruise, our first thought was that it would be a cool way to go visit Dave and Margaret. We had no idea what we had gotten ourselves into or how amazing the scenery would be. We were blown away by the glaciers that we saw. I have to say that these photos can't show how really amazing it is to be upclose to a glacier.

When we got into Glacier Bay, our cruise ship got as close as we could get to the glaciers and then turned off the ship. We just sat there in awe for almost an hour.

Then the ship slowly turned around and gave the other side of the ship their turn.

Glacier Bay is very quiet. You can hear the sounds of the ice cracking as the glacier slowly recedes. If you are lucky you will see the glacier calf. That's when a chunk of ice breaks away from the glacier and smacks into the water below. Nature's giant cannonball.

These cute little guys are the red legged kittiwakes. Glacier Bay is their home. It was very cold when we were there, even in July. I couldn't get over how cold their little feet must be. They look a lot like seagulls (which is what I thought they were). Luckily, Margaret is a teacher and corrected my ignorance when we shared the pictures with her.

Here is proof positive that we were really there. It was one of our most amazing days on the cruise.


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