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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

4th of July Parade

Patriotism has no limits in our neighborhood. Today was our Second Annual 4th of July Parade, featuring, kids, dogs, strollers and lots of parents. Estimates put the parade participants at a whopping 200. Once underway the parade stretched 2 whole blocks long.

Scott led the way on his very patriotic blue tractor named Rita. Katie and I talked Scott into this so we were out in front of the house at 7:30 am getting Rita all gussied up for her performance. She was quite the hit, and Scott was pretty popular too!

And the crowd went wild!!! Well, it was kind of a subdued wild. Many people along the parade route came out of their homes to cheer us! This was by far the largest and most organized group. They were happily awaiting the start of the parade with their Bloody Marys and Mimosas in hand.

3 fabulous floats travelled the parade route. Luckily this boat was more of a land yacht, not quite ready for the Puget Sound itself.

In a rare moment, Eli allowed me to take his picture with Katie. This usually never happens. If Eli catches me pointing a camera in his direction, I am guarenteed many wonderful shots of the back of his head.

This "Washington crossing the Delaware" float went all out. Costumes, music and a replica of the Declaration of Independence, gave our event a certain level of class.

Despite the unbearably hot weather, our 3 year old Washington was in pretty good spirits. I am sure he was hoping that at the end of the parade he could peel off his authentic revolutionary war uniform and run naked through the sprinklers.

Eve and Eli's cousins were visiting and joined us for the fun. As you can see Rachel is all about celebrating the 4th with reckless abandon.


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