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Monday, May 30, 2005

Biker Chick, moi?

Ya know, when your alarm goes off at 4:30am, 5 days a week, for the sole purpose of going to the gym, you think that you'd be in shape. But, nooooooooooooo. I went for a bike ride with Tracy, the King of Cycling. He just wanted to do an easy recovery ride, since he rode 66 miles on Saturday and 40 miles on Sunday. So yesterday I finally took my bike (actually Katie's bike, shhhhhhh) to Old Town and got the pedals swaped out for the clip in kind, just so I could create the illusion that I knew what I was doing. And the good news is that I only almost fell over with both of my shoes clipped in once in the center of a major intersection. Quiet a sobering experience. So we rode from my house, to Pt. Defiance (Peter it looks like they are getting all set up for the Tacoma Flower & Garden Show next weekend), did the 5 mile drive and then down to the Mandolin Cafe for refreshments (didn't leave my phone there today, yeah) and then home. A whopping 19.23 mile ride. Am I still breathing hard? The answer would be yes. I think I need to do some serious training before I join Tracy & Chris on the 40 mile Sumner ride on Sundays. Tracy is training for the STP (Seattle to Portland) ride in July. I would be lucky to make the STP (Seattle to Puyallup) before collapsing on the pavement. STP, 206 miles total, 150 the first day, but the last 56 on day 2 are all hills. You go Tracy, and send me a postcard when you're done!


At 5/30/2005 3:58 PM, Blogger TRACYS BIG BLOG said...

Sandy you were wonderful. You did a great job. And yes you did ALMOST fall in the middle of the street, but you did'nt. So you go girl. I am very, very proud of you, you have incredible strong legs. You road that not to light bike all the way up that big old hill with OUT, stopping. Very impresive your jedi.... See ya at the party tonight. Oh, Robert is asleep on the couch, go figure

At 5/31/2005 1:58 PM, Blogger Lisha said...

woo go mom! you did like 100 times better than i probably could have hehe


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