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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Socks All Done!!!!!

Not my socks of course. I am still plugging along on the 2nd sock. Maybe if Naomi lets me knit this weekend on the sock (instead of the shrug which I should really be knitting on) I might have a finished pair by the end of the weekend.

These beauties are the socks that Margaret knit. Twin pairs for twin nephews, Kieran and Alastar up in Anchorage, Alaska. It was their wish for their 5th birthday to have hand knit socks from their Aunt Margaret (socks, a very important part of life in Anchorage). Very smart boys. So here are the socks. Fabulous!

And here are the boys! Very cute and very happy. Hand knit socks will do that for a person, so I am told.

Now Alastar has to try out the magic socks to see how they work. Get your light sabres gentlemen!

It's Alastar Skywalker and Uncle Dave Vader! Uncle Dave, maybe if you are very nice, do all of your chores and tell Aunt Margaret how fabulous she is at least 20 times a day, she might knit you some fabulous socks. Until then, I wouldn't take on Alastar Skywalker and Kieran Solo, the force is clearly with them!


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