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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Say it isn't so!

No Lloyd, you can't leave us!!!!

Our neighborhood butcher is retiring and moving to Arizona ... THIS FRIDAY!!! A tragedy of epic proportions for those of us who know its really summer when we smell the Kalbi Flank Steaks permeates the neighborhood. Mary and I were reminising on how many times we walked into Stadium Thriftway without a clue what we would make for dinner. We'd walk straight back to the meat department, beg Lloyd for answers to our dilema and viola' inspiration! Sigh. Lloyd always picks out the best turkeys for holidays, can talk you through the cooking process with ease and if you called ahead would marinate the Kalbi Flank Steaks for days just for you for that extra kick of flavor. Sure the new guy Dave, looks nice, has Lloyd's blessing and will probably do a good job. He's just not Lloyd.

Lloyd, enjoy Arizona & your kids & grandkids who live there. How you could choose them over us, still a mystery to us (we'd keep you and kick our own families to the curb in a heartbeat, right Mary?)! BTW Mitch, next year for spring training, you are staying home and watching the kids, Mary and I will be heading to Arizona for Bar-b-que!!!


At 3/27/2007 7:44 PM, Blogger TRACYS BIG BLOG said...

Tell me this is not true. Oh my god. I was going to have you go over there and get some of his flank steak and freeze it and then mail it to me in this horrible place called kentucky. He makes the best steaks ever. Last year I went nad picked up eight pounds of the stuff.
Oh, well, I know this new guy will be fine. In fact, I heard that Lloyd picked up all his ideas from this new guy Dave...

At 3/27/2007 10:37 PM, Anonymous mary said...

A fitting tribute. Thanks for sharing my grief.


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