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Monday, April 02, 2007

Family, friends and socks

Meet Anchorage Margaret and Bonney Lake Wendy. It's Wendy's Birthday. Margaret and Wendy are best friends from the tender age of 8. Margaret made plans a few months ago to fly down and surprise Wendy. Wendy was very surprised, and now for the rest of the story. More than 15 years ago, when Cousin Dave found himself in Alaska without a place to stay, he called his old friend Wendy. Wendy introduced Dave to her roommate Margaret. And Margaret and Dave are still living happily ever after. And Margaret and Wendy are still best friends.

Brothers Paul and David. So do you think they look alike? Have a family resemblance??? Well it is the stuff for dinner debates.

If you aren't sure, Dave will flash the family forehead. And you just can't argue with the family forehead.

We were lucky enough to have Dave and Margaret stay with us for the weekend. We are planning on paying them back this summer when we show up on their Anchorage doorstep. If they'll still have us.

BTW, did I mention that Margaret is a knitter? Well she is and she's quick! These are socks that she's working on for her nephew's Alistar and Kiran (twins) 5th Birthday. She had just started on one when she arrived and now two are done before they headed out for the plane. You don't have to even ask how the sock is going that I have been working on since February.


At 4/03/2007 10:51 PM, Blogger Arctic Knitter said...

Very fun Sandy!!! So - be prepared for the White Igloo to roll into Tacoma sometime before the end of June. I hear we'll miss your visit to Anchorage, but I'll be sure to call you when the family and I drive through Washington. I'm very excited to meet you. Great photos of Mags, Wendy, & Dave. Yes - Margaret is quite the knitter - I'm still working on one sock & she's almost finished with her 3rd pair! Crazy!! I'm trying to convince her to join a Sock of the Month KAL. Very interested in seeing some more yarn stores - Wade won't know what hit him!! Cheers! ~Heather "Arctic Knitter"


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