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Friday, June 03, 2005

You know it's been a long week when

You are madly juggling being at 2 places at one time. Not a new experience for me, but I am superwoman. I can do anything. Let's see tonight I had to be at the Boy's & Girl's club from 4:30-6:30 and at the Tacoma Flower & Garden Show from 6 - 9. So, cut out on the Boy's & Girl's Club early & then show up at the Garden show gala a skosh late. So I arrive at the B&G Club to find that is closed, locked up, completely dark, not a living soul. OK, this is good, I don't have to cut out early & I can make the Gala on time. Zip over to pick up Peter, glance at the confirmation letter when it all becomes clear. The gala was last night. So here I sit, Miss Over-Committed, Miss Have-To-Do-It-All, thought I had to be at 2 different places this very second, as I sit typing on the computer. Sigh. Is this life's quirky way of telling me to slow down. I'm thinkin' it may be. Well, I'm trying to stay out of the committment lane this weekend so I can enjoy some R & R and get back in touch with my very neglected knitting.


At 6/03/2005 8:48 PM, Blogger World Wanderer said...

Hey super woman next week is going to be really busy so we might have to go to pilaf or greenleaf for a break.

At 6/03/2005 10:05 PM, Blogger Sandy said...

pilaf, willy's world, greenleaf ..... ahhhhhh & you, how could life get any better.

At 6/06/2005 6:32 AM, Blogger TRACYS BIG BLOG said...

My goodness, don't you have enough to do. I am still waiting on my house to be painted by you. And my lawn to be cut. Lets get it together. Ok, I'll let you skip on the cutting of the lawn. But you still have some painting to do..



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