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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Ta Da ... All done

farewell scarf complete
Originally uploaded by sfarewell.

Did this turn out cute, or what??? I really had a lot of fun knitting this scarf and it feels really good to wear. Just wish it wasn't June so I could wear it. (That's a lie, becausse I am really so glad that it's June & school is out & I looking down the barrel of a nice, long summer). So it would probably be more appropriate to say that when the seasons do change and it gets colder (a long, long time from now) I will have this great scarf to soften the blow.

Dig the fringe. It's called corkscrew fringe and it is done with a crochet hook and I figured out how to do it all by myself, Hey, I'm impressed. Now I have to resist the impulse to add corkscrew fringe to everything I knit. But it did give me an idea. If I experiment with the pattern for this fringe and had the right yarn, I bet I could knit an artichoke. I could quit my job (oh, that's right, I kinda don't have a job) knit artichokes like crazy. Then I could pack them into mini wooden artichoke crates, market them to Walmart and they would become like the pet rock of the 70's. Everyone would have to have one. I would make appearances on the Today show and David Letterman. People would recognize me at fancy restaurants when I would be dining with Oprah. I would be such a big celebrate that I could run for the governor of California and win. Since I am a natural born citizen, the White House would be next. I would bring all the troops home and put all that war money into education and elementary school teachers would never have to count copies again. Just a thought.


At 6/26/2005 1:43 PM, Blogger Lisha said...

haha mom you are so great! I love your idea, I'd buy a knitted artichoke just cuz I luff ya! ;)

At 6/27/2005 5:00 PM, Anonymous GINO said...



At 6/28/2005 10:13 PM, Anonymous lost cuz (sharon) said...

Sandy....You're an awesome woman! FIrst you knit a scarf that looks like a peacock feather (I love the colors!!) then you want to knit artichokes -- I say do it! It would be a hit!!
By the way, what's with artichokes and green??? healthy no doubt ...... clue this lost cuz in ok?

At 6/29/2005 10:56 PM, Blogger Sandy said...

Well artichokes are my favorite food on the planet, would give up chocolate before I gave up artichokes. Green is more than a favorite color, it is a lifestyle choice. I love all greens and all things green. The things I enjoy most in life, I just love with reckless abandon. Katie says that I am obsessed. Ok, obsession is not a bad thing. I mean if I am going to love something, I'm going to love it with reckless abandon. Why not, it's really more fun that way.


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