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Saturday, June 04, 2005

Do, Re, Mi

temple bar
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About this time last year I was walking down this street in Dublin. Each side of the street is lined with bars. Katie & I took the Musical Pub Crawl , the highlight of our stay in Dublin. Two local musicians took this crowd of tourists from bar to bar, playing music, dispensing history and downing a pint or 2. Katie's favorite part of this tour is when her mother stood up and, upon the request of the tour leaders, broke into song. Really, they begged me. The Guiness had nothing to do with it.

Today a friend asked me to write down the lyrics of this song. So I thought I would share the story and the song with all of you.

Sung to the tune of Do, Re, Mi from the Sound of Music:

Dough, the stuff that buys my beer.
Ray, the guy who sell me beer.
Me, the one, who drinks the beer.
Far, a long way to get beer.
So, I'll have another beer.
La, la, la, la, la, la beer.
Tea, no thanks I'm drinking beer.
Now I need more dough for more beer, beer, beer, beer ....

Enjoy the weekend!


At 6/05/2005 2:45 PM, Blogger World Wanderer said...

Of course she forgot to mention that in Europe I could drink alcohol and was chugging it down when she sang that song. Mom also went up to the guys at the first bar and sang the song to them. So she gave them the opportunity to humiliate me with you singing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At 6/06/2005 6:28 AM, Blogger TRACYS BIG BLOG said...

For soome reason I think you like BEER. But I could be wrong. See ya tonight.

At 6/06/2005 1:51 PM, Blogger Lisha said...

hehe you are so funny mom
i have had NO luck in finding a closer rafting trip....I thought I'd found one, but then realized that we missed it's "season" by a month...and I just found out this weekend that my darling little brother rescheduled his graduation party without telling now it's that very Sunday we were planning on rafting...grrr
Anyways Matt and I still want to do something fun with you and Katie but it seems we will have to figure something else to do :(


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