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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

My Addiction to Field of Dreams

OK, so I am totally enamored with the movie Field of Dreams. As coincidence would happen, the Kevin Costner arrived at the Tacoma Narrows Airport last week. Rumors started to fly as to why Kevin might be visiting our fair city. And then the local bloggers came up with all of the answers:

*World Famous* Bob's Java Jive 2102 South Tacoma Way (253)475-9843 & Kevin

The vintage ferry Kalakala & Kevin. (did any of you see the movie Waterworld??? Yeah, me neither.)

The Bulls Eye Tacoma shooting range & Kevin (you may know the Bulls Eye from the story about the Washington DC sniper. Yup, the sniper was from Tacoma & got his weapons from the Bulls Eye. If I remember correctly, George Bush referred to Tacoma as the access of evil)

And now for the best of the best. This is the creation of our own little Mitchy. He made this just for me (thanks Mitch). I am not sure if I am that thrilled with this image, but Frisko Freeze is our neighborhood hamburger stand. Frisko Freeze, Kevin Costner & Field of Dreams .... a beautiful thing.


At 8/15/2007 8:56 PM, Anonymous Ms. susan dandy said...

Hey Sandy! It's Susan^_^
Just stopped by to say hi, hope your having fun, and the dogs aren't dead yet, no worries^_^


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