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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Encore! Encore!

And now for the real reason for the trip! A girl in a bubble, Megan Hilty, Glinda the Good in the Musical Wicked. She's an amazing Broadway actress, only 23 years old and from Bellevue, Washington.

The show was GREAT!!!

After the show, I dragged everyone to the stage door. Katie didn't complain. This is Kristoffer Cusick, he played Fiyero in Chicago back in November and now he's in Los Angeles. Seems I'm not the only stalker in the family.

Here's Katie with Eden Espinoza who played Elphaba. Eden still looks a little green. And for you dog lovers, she had her pooch with her. He looked strangely like a decendent of another very famous dog named Toto.

My favorite moment of the entire weekend and the reason that I take pictures and avoid being in pictures. Katie was great enough to introduce me to Megan, I was having a tough time forming words. Doesn't Megan look great, and Katie too! Who is that goofball in the middle? That would be me. Arghhhhh. Megan was very down to earth and generous with her time. She chatted with us and a couple of other fans for about 10 minutes. And though I am sure after two shows it had been a long day for her, she never gave the "I need to be somewhere else look". BTW, she will be playing Glinda in L.A. for the next 8 1/2 months. OoooooOOooooooohhhhhh!


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