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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Hi from the Dogs!

Sydney & Duncan wanted me to let you know that they are enjoying this current shot of spring greatly. I think it must be that the neighborhood squirrels are feeling their wild oats in our backyard. Or maybe it's the fact that Duncan can sun himself on the hot tub cover all afternoon. Anyway, the weather is good & the dogs are happy, so all must be right in the world.

Knitting Update: I finished armhole # 1 last night & working on armhole # 2 today (aren't you jealous of my exciting life). With a little adult supervision I may get the fancy neckline done tomorrow & then it will be my first sweater, Yeah! I'll post a picture when it is done. Then it is full board onto the mitered sweater, wooooo whooooo!

Still trying to figure out this blog thing & trying to make it look a little more exciting, so any advice out there would be well appreciated.



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